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1 key research base for humanities and social sciences designated by the Ministry of Education
1 research base for philosophy and social sciences designated by Beijing municipality
2 state-level key disciplines   
2 post doctoral research centers
5 level-one doctoral programs
6 key disciplines designated by Beijing municipality
7 level-one mater's degree programs  
10 professional master's degrees  
15 schools
30 level-two doctoral programs  
34 undergraduate programs  
54 level-two master's degree programs

Research Institutions

International Economics Institute
China Research Institute of the World Trade Organization
International Business English Research
Da Tian Logistics Research Center
Leasing Research Center
Center for International Business Ethics
Beijing Enterprises Research Base for International Operations
Technology Management Research Center
International Business Chinese Teaching and Resources Development Base

Academic Journals

Journal of University of International Business and Economics
Studies of Issues of International Trade
Japanese Study and Research


More than 8000 undergraduates
More than 3700 postgraduates
More than 2800 foreign students from over 100 countries and regions

International Exchanges

UIBE has exchange programs of undergraduate and postgraduate levels with over 100 universities and institutes from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, Australia, and many others. These exchange programs have greatly strengthened UIBE'' s characteristics of "opening and facing the world".

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