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Career Development

The Career Development service is to proactively provide the students services of job hunting training and employer employment assistance. The MPAcc Center tries its best to build a multi-level platform for Career development, strengthen its liaison and communication with businesses, playing the role of practice, training, consultancy and publicity to help MPAcc students with more job choices, better designs for life and greater success for the future.

The MPAcc Career Development Center provides its students guidance and services in their career development and job hunting, and assistance and services for businesses and other employers in their recruit activities. The mission of MPAcc Career Development is to serve the goal of "win-win" results between the students and the employers by consolidating the liaison between the School and the employers, building a platform for uplifting students’ quality and expansion of career development, and assisting businesses find the right talent through a two-way communication.

We hope to help our MPAcc students by:

Giving them employment consultancy, career personality tests, interview guidance and training as well as career development planning;
Making curriculum vitae and disk for the MPAcc graduate;
Through the Mentor Program, providing more channels for students practice, internship, and employment;
Maintaining an MPAcc career development website to provide an important information source for MPAcc students;
Making the MPAcc career development website a medium through which our MPAcc students can access UIBE’s talent bank;
Collecting and providing the MPAcc students with the latest information on employment and internships;
Setting up platforms for our MPAcc students to meet with potential employers from around the country, and letting both sides meet and talk with each other;
Seeking internship opportunities for MPAcc students in relevant government or business organizations;
Inviting to our campus representatives from potential employer organizations to give talks or exchange views;
Organizing visits for MPAcc students to business organizations to shorten the distance between them;
Collecting through various means information on business units for MPAcc students' referral; and keeping records of MPAcc placement and employment for their reference;
Making statistics of MPAcc employment and release annual MPAcc Employment Report.

We hope to help potential employers by:

Building an MPAcc talent bank of our University for the personnel users;
Recommending our MPAcc graduates to them, assisting them in their effort to find desirable candidates;
Organizing recruitment functions of various kinds for potential employers to project their favorable images or providing them other required services;
Allowing businesses to release job information on the website of the MBA/MPAcc Career Development Center or directly access the MPAcc talent bank;
Providing a platform for the University to cooperate with business organizations.

Our goal

Helping students gain professional qualities and skills needed for career success; building a good communication platform to provide more employment opportunities for students and more efficient recruitment services for employers through focusing on the real needs of the students and employers.

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