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MPAcc Management Forum
This is to invite people with rich managerial experience from businesses, well-known experts from the economic and managerial fields, foreign experts, and renowned professors from within and without to introduce and comment on frontier and hot questions from practice of economic management. This is divided into the series of MPAcc practice, MPAcc business, MPAcc culture and MPAcc specialization.

MPAcc Visits to Businesses
The MPAcc program always combines practice and theory, encouraging the students to visit companies and carry out special investigations. MPAcc students will be included into the arrangements letting them visit foreign businesses, joint-ventures, state-owned and private enterprises which have typical managerial features in order to have discussions or participation with them.

Shifting Classroom for MPAcc
Courses conducted outside the classroom and visits to and exchanges with local businesses will help the students consolidate their classroom knowledge and learn from experiential activities.

Invited Lectures on MPAcc Courses
In order to fill up the inadequacy of the current professors, we sometimes invite well-known scholars or businessmen to concentrate on lecturing MPAcc courses.

The MPAcc Recreational Activities
Colorful campus life and various exchange activities on- and off-campus enable the MPAcc students to learn from gurus, develop themselves in an overall way, and expose themselves as well as network.

Associations and Clubs
The students will initiate associations and clubs in accordance with their different interests to build platforms for their outside classroom communication and connection.

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