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Admission Requirements

Chinese citizen
graduate from university

Part-time requires also:
l2 years or above of working experience after graduation from university

Types to be enrolled
Full-time MPAcc / Part-time MPAcc

Training Methods
Full-time MPAccs are to study at University for two years; the students must transfer his personnel records here.
Part-time MPAccs are to study at spare time: two evenings during weekday and whole Saturday.

Numbers to be enrolled
In the autumn of 2014, we will enroll about 120 MPAccs that 50 of them are Full-times while 70 are Part-times

Issuing of Degrees
Anyone who has earned the credits within the specific time, completed his thesis and passed the defence, after the verification of the School, will be issued the Master’s Degree by the University of International Business and Economics and the degree of Master of Business Administration by the Business School.

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